TransPacific Communications, an 8(a) Certified Business provides consulting services to help organizations strengthen their cultural competencies.

To begin, we will perform a company-wide audit to find any areas that may be impacting the cultural competencies within your organization. We will then assess our findings and from there, design a tailored program based on our recommendations for closing your organization’s cultural barrier gaps. Our strategy for helping your company overcome these Cross-Cultural Communications obstacles is alway specifically tailored to your organization’s and staff’s needs.

Let us design a strategy for helping your employees to gain awareness and understanding of how to work across cultures.

If you are interested in the consulting services offered by TransPacific Communications, please fill out our Contact Form or give us a call at (301) 322-5675, and we will reach out to discuss your organization’s needs and goals.

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About Us

TransPacific Communications, an 8(a) Certified Business is the leading provider of Cross-Cultural Communications training and has over 20 years of expertise in coaching, consulting and media training. TransPacific Communications helps organizations improve cultural competencies and empowers their employees to break cultural barriers through education, awareness, and enhanced communication.