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Cross Cultural Communications

What is cross cultural communication?

Our Cross-Cultural Communications program is designed to provide individuals from other parts of the world assistance in developing the skills necessary to succeed in the Western society both professionally and personally. We offer training at both the individual and organization-wide levels. TransPacific Communications is the perfect solution for individuals seeking help with overcoming the day-to-day cultural and communications barriers standing between them and their career goals or personal lives. Our services are also a great asset for companies interested in providing training for their non-native English employees. We also offer services and resources to help American-born individuals develop the skills needed for extensive interaction with people from different cultural backgrounds.


There are so many personal and professional benefits to our Cross-Cultural Communications training. What is often lacking is an understanding of cross-cultural interactions and the ability to practically implement such knowledge. Individuals who go through our program come out with the skills they need to overcome both personal and professional cultural and communications barriers. They not only have a greater understanding of American society and what it takes to succeed, but they also have the tools needed to practically implement their newfound knowledge into both their everyday and professional lives. Our Cross-Cultural Communications program has been successful due to our ability to tailor it to the specific cultural needs of our trainees. We can customize a program around your company goals.


The Dottie Li Story

Founder and CEO of TransPacific Communications, Dottie Li, has devoted her life to helping others with her cross-cultural communication, cultural transformation, coaching and media training. Born and raised in China, where as a young girl she dreamed of moving to America, Dottie understands first-hand what it is like to come to a foreign country and all the personal and professional barriers associated with trying to assimilate into a new culture. Dottie’s path has taken her from her hometown of Hefei in China to Mobile, Alabama for school to the corridors of government, association and corporate power in Washington, D.C. She is very active in the Asian American community and has conducted numerous seminars, workshops and presentations. Her work has been featured on Voice of America’s live television program and many other prominent publications. Dottie also serves on several boards and can be heard as the "voice" and voice coach for Rosetta Stone's Mandarin-language products. She is a commissioner on the Maryland Governor’s Commission on Asian Pacific American Affairs.

Close the Cultural Divide

Congratulations on having a diverse workforce at your organization! The challenge of managing a diverse workforce is that usually there’s a cultural divide between non-native English speakers and native ones. What is often lacking is an understanding of cross-cultural interactions and the ability to practically implement such knowledge.  We have developed a tried-and-tested training necessary for bridging the divide to bring the workforce on the same level. A thorough understanding of cross-cultural communications on an organization level is essential to break cultural barriers, help non-native English employees succeed, level the playing field and alleviate communication breakdowns among employees of various background.


Your excellent presentation emphasized the powerful message on the importance of diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion in the total workforce community. Your efforts will help the U.S. Coast Guard become a leader in diversity management within the federal government and a model for the nation.

— ADM. T.W. Allen, USCG


As the keynote speaker for the annual meeting of Sodexo's Pan-Asian Employees Network Group (PANG), Dottie shared her personal journey and brought our theme of "Finding Your Voice" to life. Her speech, as well as her interactions with the audience, were so effective that we decided to bring her back for more career development training for PANG members. Dottie has helped PANG elevate our values to our members.

— Marianne Yeh, Director of Communications and National Program Chair of Pan-Asian Employees Network Group (PANG) of Sodexo

Dottie’s instructional techniques are highly effective. She not only helped me reduce and modify certain aspects of my accent, but she enabled me to be more confident in my communications with my colleagues. The techniques she taught me continue to improve my presentation. Her communication was effective and inspiring; her professionalism instilled a greater level of confidence in me.

— Sang Lineback, Resource Management Officer, USDA

With her cross-cultural communication expertise and pedagogical skills, Dottie has helped me fine tune my communication. She has an eye so great on detail that she captured and corrected small but crucial mistakes in my communication I had never realized before. Dottie is an extraordinary individual who is one of her own kind. Her uniqueness also lies in her genuine passion for helping Asian American communities on all fronts. What Dottie taught me paved my way to success in the United States.

— Andy Shuai Liu, Consultant, World Bank


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TransPacific Communications, an 8(a) Certified Business is the leading provider of Cross-Cultural Communications training and has over 20 years of expertise in coaching, consulting and media training. TransPacific Communications helps organizations improve cultural competencies and empowers their employees to break cultural barriers through education, awareness, and enhanced communication.