Transpacific Communications is designed to provide people from other countries/cultures, notably those of Asian-Pacific background, the skills they need to succeed in American society – personally and professionally.

A nation of immigrants, America has welcomed more foreign-born professionals than ever in the past decades. Some of the country’s top scientists, researchers and doctors are not native born, and many more are taking on roles as executives, managers and highly skilled technical professionals.

However, many of these foreign-born professionals struggle to overcome the day-to-day cultural and communications barriers standing between them and their career goals. What is often lacking is an understanding of cross-cultural interactions and the ability to practically implement such knowledge. A successfully assimilated immigrant knows that this is a crucial part of “making” it in American culture and society.


The purpose of cross-cultural communication skills training is to provide the ability and resources APAs require to help them succeed with their new life in America. Conversely, we provide the skills and resources to American-born staff who extensively interact with people from other cultural backgrounds.

This training program has been successful among professionals in academic, business, government and non-profit organization settings because it is tailored to the specific cultural needs of individuals. We can customize a program just for you.

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